So I’ve recently gotten very into paintball. I’ve spent a good bit of my personal bitcoin purchasing various pieces of equipment. At first I bought the $70 starter kit from walmart containing a cheap JT mask, and the JT outkast marker, because I wanted to save money on renting my own equipment as I knew I’d want to play alot. Bad move. Within 2 paintball game days my lower receiver and trigger frame was destroyed (yes it was properly oiled). The cheap plastic parts were just not ready for heavy paintball use. I bought the terrific BT-4 Slice. It breaks down easily with one pin removal which allows access to the bolt and valve assembly. Easy to oil, easy to repair is the motto of this gun. It’s also very upgradable, taking trigger upgrades, CO2 or compressed air, an apex ready barrel, stock, and tac rails. If you’re beginning to get serious about paintballing as a hobby, I highly recommend the Empire BT4-G36 Slice. It’s a great paintball marker for your money.!

For those curious about my current gear I run with:

BT4 Slice

Dye Precision Headwrap

Sly Profit Full Camo Goggles

Apex Barrel

Universal Bipod

Current Gear

Tackling new (and old) Android Apps

A long time ago I released my first Android app called Typr, a markdown editor. I never really could say I finished the app but I was so full of grand schemes and ideas that I just put it out there and let it sit for a while without really giving it much attention.

The new me (sort of) aka Ice9 Software

I started an LLC to build all of my paid and most of my free open source projects under. Mostly for branding but also for reasons including but not limited to liability (funny yes?). In case you haven’t noticed there are a lot of patent trolls running around with large filthy hammers smashing money out of every entreprenuer they can get their slimy green with greed hands on.

The new apps

Typr is the first to get the spa treatment as I work towards polishing an app I’ve always thought was a good idea, enjoyed coding, and really just loved using. Other thoughts for Typr include a possible web markdown editor, but for now that gets put in the idea book marked for December 2020. I have way too many ideas to implement any in a reasonable amount of time.

A Bible app for Android that does not require an internet connection, and a great UI is next on the list after seeing Typr through to a 1.0.

In Conclusion

Cool things are to come!